All for art and art for all!

20 x 200 WISH LIST by charlotte miller


As a previous gallerist, art is not only my passion but my life. And I truly believe that art can be and should be approachable as well as affordable for even the most novice art collector if you just know where to look. That is why I am so excited that Jen Beckman’s project, 20 x 200 has finally relaunched! 20 x 200 started in 2007 by New York art dealer, Jen Beckman, offers editioned works for sale starting at just $24. 20 x 200 is the perfect site to engage in contemporary art and start your own collection. The works I have acquired from 20 x 200 are amongst my favorites in my collection. Here are the works on my wish list for 2014. 





Praia Piquinia 28/08/11 15h24 by Christain Chaize




Frozen by Katie Baum



Ideal Bookshelf: Jen Beckman by Jane Mount







Fay on the dock by William Wegman





Animal Locomotion: Plate 733 (Elephant) by Eadweard Muybridge