BLOGSHOP San Francisco


Having used Photoshop throughout my career in the arts, I have taken a Photoshop class or two in my day, but have never been impressed until now. When I heard about BLOGSHOP a couple years ago, I thought, now this could be THE class! BLOGSHOP was created by Bri Emery of lifestyle blog designlovefest and noted photographer and commerical director Angela Kohler in 2011. Learning Photoshop from two people whose work inspires me daily sparked me to finally bite the bullet and take the workshop this past weekend at Blue Sky Rental Studios in San Francisco. Oh boy, I can not believe all the shortcuts and tricks I had no idea existed in Photoshop! Literally hours upon hours of my life could have been saved if I had known this information sooner! Whether you are an aspiring blogger or just want to create animated gifs of your dog eating bubbles, TAKE BLOGSHOP! Here are some of my favorite highlights of the weekend…


An issue I had with previous Photoshop classes are that they are always set in a dark and depressing classroom, which let’s face it, is the opposite of an aspiring aesthetic experience. For BLOGSHOP, floral stylist Tulipina created beautiful spring blooms in varying sized beakers to create pops of vibrant color against the light filled white room making for the perfect setting to spend two days editing images and eating cupcakes by Miss Jones Baking Co.


One of my favorite parts of BLOGSHOP was the portrait session. Since I find it awkward to take solo pics, I brought in my favorite “prop”, my golden retriever Hailey. Photographer Angela Kohler completely captured Hailey’s first time seeing bubbles!


The BLOGSHOP San Francisco workshop was mind blowing. Not only did I learn a plethora of new tips and tricks in Photoshop but Angela, Bri and her team answered every burning Photoshop question I have had for years…and you get to meet other creative bloggers to boot! A weekend at BLOGSHOP is a weekend well spent.


Floral Styling: Tulipina 

Cupcakes: Miss Jones Baking Co.

Water bottle: bkr

{Other swag not pictured}

Wrapping paper: The Souvenir Society

Handcreme: Lollia

Matchbooks: BelloPop Design

Notebook: messy bed studio

Necklace: considerthewldflwrs


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