Quick Getaway : Travaasa in Austin, Texas

TRAVAASA IN AUSTIN, TX by charlotte miller

As much as we love San Francisco, it was time for a break. We were looking for a place to spend time with friends that was relaxing but also had nightlife and Austin fit the bill. Only a 3 hour flight from San Francisco, Austin is the perfect place quick reprieve.

We opted to stay at Travaasa, a resort just 30 minutes from downtown Austin. Travaasa is surrounded by Ancient Live Oaks and the rolling hills of the Balcones Canyonlands Preserve making for unparalleled views.  Among the many amenities of Travassa are the infinity pool with a view of the lake and a plethora of amazing spa treatments. What really sets Travaasa apart are the activities offered. Trail rides, a challenge course, bull riding classes, are just a few examples of the unique offerings.



For a fun and slightly scary activity, make sure to do the giant swing!



The equine encounter is an absolute must whether you are a horse lover or not. In this activity, you learn to establish a connection with a horse in order to develop a deeper self-awareness. The experience is surprisingly emotional as it is teaching you about not just your relationship with the horse but your relationship with yourself and others around you.



Once you are ready for a bit a music and fun, downtown Austin is only a 30 minute drive. Make sure to check out South Congress Avenue (SoCo) for local shops. Our favorite store is Parts + Labor, which carries exclusively handcrafted goods made in Texas. For drinks and music, head to Rainey Street, where old houses were converted into unique bars and restaurants.

Our trip to Austin was the perfect mix of relaxing experiences and new adventures. Needless to say, we can not wait to book our next trip to Travaasa in Austin!


One thought on “Quick Getaway : Travaasa in Austin, Texas

  1. How awesome! I’m in Austin and I’ve never heard of that place. I would love to experience the equine encounter above all else, sounds wonderful.

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