Spotted: A b-spired Custom Save the Date Sign on Pottery Barn’s Blog Have and Hold

Scott & Charlotte’s San Francisco Engagement

We fell head-over-heels when we met Pottery Barn registrants Scott and Charlotte and their adorable pup, Hailey. How did they meet you ask? At the ultimate dive bar Bus Stop, a San Francisco classic since it opened in 1900. After being friends for a few years, Charlotte finally gave in to the oh so persistent but lovable Scott and the rest is history. Photographed by the talented Vero Shu, their engagement session is bright, fun and full of love.


{For information regarding our custom signs, please email Charlotte at}

CharlotteScott_E5CharlotteScott_E70 CharlotteScott_E79 CharlotteScott_E97CharlotteScott_E109

Photography: Vero Shu

Hair Styling & Makeup by: Nicole Nguyen

{This post first appeared on Pottery Barn Have and Hold on April 3, 2014}


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