Finding the Perfect Invitation


invitation image 1{Image Courtesy of One Love Photography}

An invitation is more than just a way to convey event information to guests, it sets the tone for your party through the look and feel of the invitation. Finding the perfect invitation is simple if you clearly define your event style. Your event style is defined by the occasion, the venue, event colors, the entertainment, and the food. Once you have a clear vision for your event, selecting an invitation will be easy as pie.


The type of occasion should define how formal your invitation needs to be. For a formal event, the wording should be equally formal. For a more casual affair, the invitation should also be just as casual.

The invitation above was for an engagement party that was cocktail attire. The invitation read as not causal but not formal through the choice of wording, the rustic walnut wood, and the pop of green.


The invitation should mirror the feeling of the venue that you selected.

For the engagement party invitation above, the venue was Bluxome Street Winery in San Francisco. The production space doubles as an event space, giving the feel of the venue a rustic yet industrial feel. Since the room is filled with wine barrels, we created a custom monogram that incorporated a wine barrel.


Make sure to incorporate the colors of your event into the invitation to make each component of your event tie together. The colors on the invitation also give your guests a preview to what the event will look like.

The event colors for the above invitation were orange, yellow, and green. For this invitation, we loved the pop of green behind the walnut wood.


Think about what kind of entertainment you are providing. Is it a jazz night? Is it a wine tasting? Have the invitation reflect what kind of entertainment guests should expect.

The above invitation made note that the event was a wine tasting so guests came ready to swirl and swish Bluxome Street Winery wines.


Whether your event is a sit down dinner or a cocktail party, make sure it is clear to your guests.

For the invitation above, we made sure to note that it was a dinner so the guests knew to come hungry!


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