How-To: Address a Postcard Save the Date


The save the date card not only officially announces your wedding date but it also sets the tone for your wedding. For a destination wedding, a postcard save the date is a perfect match and is  simple and fun way to let your guests know when and where your wedding will take place. Since a postcard save the date is a casual invitation, the way that you address the postcards should be as well. Here are six tips and tricks for addressing a postcard save the date.

1. Omit titles
For a postcard save the date you can omit titles and use simply the guests first and last name.
{example} Mayor Edward Lee would be Edward Lee

2. Married couples
Married couples would be listed with the wife’s name first and then the husband’s name and their last name. You would also spell out the word “and.”
{example} Mary and John Miller

3. Couples living together
For couples living together, you would put the first and last name of both people.
{example} Tucker Buck and Lucy Gosie

4. Couples not living together
For couples not living together, put the first and last name of the person you are closest to first and then put the second persons first and last name.
{example} Hailey Miller and Porter Reiche

5. For the plus one
It is not necessary to put the plus one on the save-the-date. If you would like to do so then you would write the first and last name and then write “and guest”.
{example} Scott Hammond and guest

6. Mix it up!
If your guests are a mix of old fashioned and modern, then feel free to approach each postcard as a case by case scenario.

{image courtesy of charlotte miller’s iPhone}


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